About Cheney Partners, LLC

Cheney Partners is a hedge fund that takes long and short positions in equities, investment trusts, and other publicly traded securities. While Cheney Partners is a long/short fund by name, its investment strategy is designed to maintain a significant net long exposure to the market, meaning that at any given time the fund has substantially more long exposure than short exposure. Cheney Partners also employs varying degrees of leverage, which multiplies the potential for gain but also the potential for loss.

About the Manager

Alfonso Larriva

Alfonso LarrivaBorn and raised in Phoenix, Alfonso Larriva is a true Arizona native. Mr. Larriva’s interest in the financial markets began while he was attending Stanford University, where he earned both a degree in Economics and an MBA shortly thereafter.

Mr. Larriva began his formal investment career upon his return to Arizona, and complemented his trading in the public markets by subsequently purchasing, investing in, and operating a number of privately held companies. Both Mr. Larriva’s publicly traded and privately held investment portfolios have always followed the same value investment approach; identify companies that the market is undervaluing and buy those undervalued assets at a discount. By leveraging his operational and financial expertise, Mr. Larriva was able to grow these businesses and he continues to hold equity in many of these companies today.

Cheney Partners is a continuation of this success and is the application of Mr. Larriva’s private valuation methods to the public markets. While new to outside investors as of 2019, Mr. Larriva has been managing the fund’s capital under these guiding principles since 2013 and has been invested in both public and private companies for over 30 years.